Paintings in the gallery which aren't otherwise indicated are available for sale. Please contact artist for details.

  • Ladysmith
  • Lake Louise
    Lake Louise
  • Lake Summer
    Lake Summer
  • Laneway Garden
    Laneway Garden
  • Late Summer Bluff
    Late Summer Bluff
  • Len in Cape Breton
    Len in Cape Breton
  • Light on the Cathedral
    Light on the Cathedral
  • Like the First Morning
    Like the First Morning
  • Lone Cottage
    Lone Cottage
  • Looking
  • Lunchtime
  • Macdonald's Pond
    Macdonald's Pond
  • Mackie John
    Mackie John
  • Mailys from Montreal
    Mailys from Montreal
  • Making It Happen (Earle Connor)
    Making It Happen (Earle Connor)
  • Mandy's Goofball Brothers
    Mandy's Goofball Brothers
  • Maple Garden
    Maple Garden
  • Mapping Me
    Mapping Me
  • Maurice
  • Maurice's Whitehorse Boot
    Maurice's Whitehorse Boot