Paintings in the gallery which aren't otherwise indicated are available for sale. Please contact artist for details.

  • Cathedral Bluff
    Cathedral Bluff
  • Cathedral Path
    Cathedral Path
  • Cedar Sketch Leith
    Cedar Sketch Leith
  • Chance Harbour
    Chance Harbour
  • Change is Coming On
    Change is Coming On
  • Chewy Book
    Chewy Book
  • Chief George
    Chief George
  • Choir Boy
    Choir Boy
  • Christopher
  • Cold Buds
    Cold Buds
  • Come Home
    Come Home
  • Coming Back
    Coming Back
  • Common Grackle
    Common Grackle
  • Connie's Star
    Connie's Star
  • Consequences of Falling
    Consequences of Falling
  • Coppermine Cliffs
    Coppermine Cliffs
  • Cosmic Children
    Cosmic Children
  • Cosmic Poem
    Cosmic Poem
  • Crows on Borealis
    Crows on Borealis
  • Current