Paintings in the gallery which aren't otherwise indicated are available for sale. Please contact artist for details.

Giclée prints are also available at Society6

  • Walking With Ene
    Walking With Ene
  • Weather
  • West Bluffs
    West Bluffs
  • West Coast
    West Coast
  • Wet Forest
    Wet Forest
  • Where
  • Whiskey Jack
    Whiskey Jack
  • White Pine
    White Pine
  • Who Am I?
    Who Am I?
  • Will I Am
    Will I Am
  • William's Planet
    William's Planet
  • Winter Bay
    Winter Bay
  • Winter Comes
    Winter Comes
  • Winter Study
    Winter Study
  • Wish I Had a River
    Wish I Had a River
  • Yellow Birches Wawa
    Yellow Birches Wawa
  • Young Kristjan
    Young Kristjan
  • Young Mary Head-in-the-clouds
    Young Mary Head-in-the-clouds
  • Young Robin Hood
    Young Robin Hood
  • Your Bear
    Your Bear