Paintings in the gallery which aren't otherwise indicated are available for sale. Please contact artist for details.

  • Sunset Shells
    Sunset Shells
  • Supernal
  • Swanny Avon
    Swanny Avon
  • Sweet
  • Sweet Baby James
    Sweet Baby James
  • Swim Boy
    Swim Boy
  • Table Mountains Nfld
    Table Mountains Nfld
  • Take 3
    Take 3
  • Taking A Little
    Taking A Little
  • Tallinn
  • Tariq
  • The Catch
    The Catch
  • The Creek
    The Creek
  • The Crooked Cork
    The Crooked Cork
  • The Diner
    The Diner
  • The Joke
    The Joke
  • The Pond
    The Pond
  • The Priory
    The Priory
  • The Prospector
    The Prospector
  • The Sound
    The Sound