Paintings in the gallery which aren't otherwise indicated are available for sale. Please contact artist for details.

  • Nunavut Dream
    Nunavut Dream
  • Nunavut Teen
    Nunavut Teen
  • Nuthatch
  • October Bluffs
    October Bluffs
  • Old Way
    Old Way
  • Old Wood
    Old Wood
  • On the Beach at Bluffers
    On the Beach at Bluffers
  • One More Hug
    One More Hug
  • Onions
  • Ontario Floor
    Ontario Floor
  • Orla and Pippin
    Orla and Pippin
  • Our Favourite Moon
    Our Favourite Moon
  • Owen
  • Oxtongue Goose
    Oxtongue Goose
  • Oxygen
  • Oz Forest
    Oz Forest
  • Paean
  • Pancake Berries
    Pancake Berries
  • Papa Played Fiddle
    Papa Played Fiddle
  • Party of Tree
    Party of Tree